Bilateral cross bite, no space for noth canines 13, 23, dental abnormalities. Treatment time 14 months.
III sceletal class, bilateral cross bite, dental midline shift, crowding. Treatment time 14 months.
Right partial cross bite, severe crowding, no space for tooth 22, dental midline shift. Treatment time 11 months.
II sceletal class, retro inclination of the upper incisors 11, 21, crowding. Treatment time 12 months.
Second sceletal class, bimaxillary protrusion. Treatment time 14 months.
Partial cross bite on the right side, II class on the left side, opening the space for the implant 15, dental midline shift to the right. Treatment time 12 months.
Anterior occlusion, dental spacing. Treatment time 7 months.
Invisalign Lite - 14 pairs of aligners. Treatment time 4 months.

" Experience is the best teacher "

~ Cicero

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