Blancone is a revolutionary method of fast teeth whitening.  It is used during one visit together with the hygienisation treatment.

 Unlike other whitening systems available on the market:

 1 / does not cause hypersensitivity

 2 / without the need for a white diet

 3 / guarantees complete professionalism as well as protection and comfort of the patient

 4 / does not dehydrate, leaving teeth smooth and shiny.

At the DENTIMEX clinic, we use three available BLANCONE whitening methods.


 – aimed at people who want to quickly and painlessly get a whiter smile

 – it only takes 10 minutes to get surprising results and a brighter appearance of the teeth

 – a great way for people who have never had teeth whitening yet

 – the effect lasts for about 3 months


 – a perfect solution for anyone who wants to always have a beautiful smile

 – the entire procedure consists of three sessions of 8 minutes each

 – immediate teeth whitening effect

 – the effect lasts an average of 9 to 12 months

 – does not pose any threat to the teeth

 – it can be safely used even 1-2 times a year


 – this is an overlay whitening that can be used at home

 BLANCONE HOME DAY – requires wearing overlays 2-3 hours

BLANCONE HOME NIGHT – provides perfect whiteness at night while sleeping

 – the treatment may last 1 to 2 weeks

 – convenient and simple way of applying the gel

All treatments can be combined.

 To maintain the whitening effect, it is possible to buy BLANCONE DUETTO – a set of 2 pastes.

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