Dental Monitoring

The orthodontic office Dentimex is the first in Krakow to cooperate with Dental Monitoring.

This innovative system was created for patients to improve their orthodontic treatment.  In fact, it allows you to control your treatment progress more accurate.

The studies showed that patients using the Dental Monitoring system consequently have a 31% reduction in treatment time as well as a 51% reduction in the number of additional aligners.

 In practice, DM is very easy to use.  After the patient has been entered into the system by the doctor, a download link with an application for a smartphone is sent by e-mail.

During the visit to the office, the patient receives a ScanBox and a mouth retractor from us.  Then we conduct training in the use of the above-mentioned device. The application is in Polish and very intuitive. When changing aligners the patient takes pictures / scans of his teeth from home and anywhere else and sends them to the office, where the doctor monitors the progress of orthodontic treatment on an ongoing basis. In this way, we help our patients achieve their dream smiles wherever they are.

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