Dear Patients,

We are pleased to announce that in the interests of the highest quality of services, our experienced doctors use materials and equipment only from reputable and proven manufacturers.
We offer the latest technologies, thanks to which the quality goes hand in hand with the aesthetics of our patients’ smiles.
Throughout the treatment process, we take care of our patients to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

We present a shortened price list of our comprehensive range of services


Orthodontic consultation (An orthodontic consultation is a visit for people who would like to consult their case with a doctor-specialist in the field of orthodontics, or check whether their case qualifies for orthodontic treatment. During the consultation, a full examination and diagnostics are performed: x-rays, oral cavity scan, bite photos and full analysis.) PLN 300
Spark Aligners (The latest innovation of the Clear Aligner System for orthodontic treatment of malocclusions from the mildest to the most complex (diagnostics + aligners + controls)) od 14000 zł



Vatech Green 16 Pax and Plus with the lowest dose of radiation.

CBCT (computed tomography) from PLN 150
Pantomographic X-ray – link PLN 100



Cosmetic dentistry includes treatments aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth.

Composite veneer during one visit-BONDING 600 PLN
 Porcelain veneer 1500 PLN
All-ceramic crown 1600 PLN
Tooth crown reconstruction with composite from 300 PLN

The effect of a snow-white smile can also be obtained thanks to teeth whitening and the dentin infiltration method – DMG Icon.

BlancOne Click 650 PLN
Lamp whitening 1100 PLN
Whitening with an overlay method 900 PLN
DMG Icon 300 PLN for a tooth



The treatment is performed by experienced doctors, we use only the highest quality light-cured composites, which provide an excellent aesthetic effect and can be precisely matched to the color of the tooth.

 Dental inspection with intraoral examination 150 PLN
Tooth filling with anesthesia from 300 PLN
Primary endodontic treatment in a single-canal tooth from PLN 600
Inlay / Onlay 900 PLN



During this 30-minute visit, our dental team will try to build a relationship and make friends with your child to start treatment. 150 PLN
Filling in PLN 150
Removal of a milk tooth 200 PLN



 Professional hygienization package from 400 PLN


The most effective method with sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation and hygiene instruction, thanks to which patients can enjoy the effect of such a treatment.

The full price list for services is available at the reception.
We cordially invite you to make an appointment – tel. 606 388 995

We offer convenient forms of payment – cash, payment cards, bank transfer and an attractive interest rate of Mediraty.