Spark aligners


Spark aligners

The most exclusive Clear Aligner System



The Spark aligner technique uses custom-made, virtually invisible TruGEN aligners. The Invisalign aligner method uses made to order, practically invisible aligners. Wearing these aligners for 22 hours a day (only removing them when you have to eat, brush or floss) will gradually shift your teeth into place, based on the precise tooth movements an orthodontist plans out for you. Every 7-10 days, the patient replaces himself aligners at home, which affects ferwer appoinntments.







How does Spark works?  



During the consultation, we take X-ray pictures, computed tomography and diagnostic scan of the oral cavity.

2.Treatment planning

After a complete analysis, we present simulations of the patient’s teeth straightening and we present a safe process of orthodontic treatment.


The patient receives an individually designed set of aligners, which are replaced by himself every 7-14 days. The average duration of treatment is 6-12 months depending on the case.


Thanks to Spark Aligners, you don’t have to come to the visit every month. In our clinic, we use the Dental Monitoring system, which allows you to control the progress of treatment through a mobile application.


After the treatment is completed, in order to uncontrolled tooth movement, we use modern Vivier retention devices, which allow us to eliminate this process.


Is Spark Aligners for you?


Spark Aligner is the latest innovation of the Clear Aligner System, it has been designed to provide greater transparency while respecting the natural aesthetics of the teeth.

Aligners provide an advanced system of correcting malocclusion from the mildest to the most complex. Additionally, the Spark system is supported by the exclusive 3D Approver software, using CBCT. SPARK offers three flexible treatment options:

  • Spark Advanced: comprehensive treatment of complex malocclusions; unlimited number of aligners.
  • Spark 20: treatment of moderate malocclusion; 3 times 20 aligners.
  • Spark 10: small dental defects, 2 x 10 aligners.