The iTero scanning technology will allow to give the patients a high-impact, 3D vizualization of their dentition, ensuring more effective chairside communication that can help patients get the care they need.

After a quick digital scan with iTero, patients can see a simulation of how their new smile may look even before they commit to Invisalign treatment.

Unlike traditional dental impressions, which can take weeks to process, Align’s end-to-end digital workflow leveraging the iTero scanner transmits the patient’s 3D dental model immediately, making it possible for patients to begin their treatment sooner.

The iTero scanner is also integral to tooth restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays.

For any patients with sensitive gag reflex, this was a nightmare and often resulted in choking and coughing, not to mention panic and anxiety. It was a terrible experience for the patients, and not to pleasent even  for those less sensitive.

Dentimex.Ortodoncja commitment to continous innovation is demonstrated by its move to a digital platform. It’s recognition that iTero  scanner can drive higher Invisalign utilization and more efficient restorative dentistry, along with positive experiences for the patients.







It is an innovative 3D radiological imaging system with the lowest radiation dose.
 Vatech Pax-i 3D pantomograph performs panoramic examinations, cephalometric examinations and CBCT tomography with a wide range of top-quality imaging fields.
 Three independent sensors: 2D, Cefalo, 3D working automatically adjust to the type of examination, through fully automated and intuitive software on the operator’s computer.
 The use of the “pulse” system resulted in a reduction of the dose compared to medical tomography.  All Vatech pantomographs have been designed and operated according to the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable – as low a dose as possible).  VATECH pantomogrfay provides doctors with the ability to modify the dose by making radiographs adapted to the size of the body, image type, and even precise determination of the area of ​​interest.


Consultation module – a database of about 300 3D animations presenting
 specific clinical case and treatment methods – educational function for the patient
 MAGIC PAN function – the device in the pantomography mode performs 21 layers during the examination, from which a summary image is created with unprecedented precision of reproduction.  Projection geometry and contrast resolution are also improved.