The biggest change in modern orthodontics is the preparation of orthodontic treatment and then the production of appliances / aligners using digital technology.


The advantage of digital techniques is, above all, accuracy, speed, as well as a more comfortable method for the patient’s treatment of malocclusion.

I do not use traditional impressions for imaging the model of the oral cavity and teeth.  Using the iTero intraoral scanner, a 3D image is created, which is a much more accurate and patient-friendly method.

I develop a treatment plan for each patient on a virtual model.  I analyze the width of the dental arches and the teeth themselves so that the best end result is achieved.


I set each tooth individually with an accuracy of 0.1 mm, and this is also how the teeth will move.

This is how the visualization of the treatment plan is created, the so-called  Clincheck, which is an integral part of the production of Invisalign aligners.

Before accepting the plan, each patient can see his visualization, in which his teeth move 0.25 mm and rotate 2 degrees, which will be less painful and burdensome for him.

The number of these movements is equivalent to the number of aligners.

With such precise work and the production of orthodontic appliances, follow-up visits in the office are rare and the patient’s comfort definitely exceeds traditional methods.

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