Spark Aligners

Spark Aligners



1. The Spark Aligners technique is the latest Clear Aligner System innovation made of TruGEN material.

2. Designed to provide greater transparency while respecting the natural aesthetics of the teeth.

3. Increased durability of the material, convenient and easy to use.



4. Aligners provide an advanced system of correcting malocclusion from the mildest to the most complex.

5. Additionally, the Spark system is supported by the exclusive 3D Approver software, using CBCT.


SPARK offers three flexible treatment options:

Spark Advanced: comprehensive treatment of complex malocclusions;  unlimited number of aligners.

Spark 20: treatment of moderate malocclusion;  3 times 20 aligners.

Spark 10: small dental defects, 2 x 10 aligners.





" Experience is the best teacher "

~ Cicero

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